Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Martha Stewart is Ruining Christmas Parties

I love Martha Stewart and her crafts, cooking, decoration tips and her show, but Martha Stewart is ruining Christmas parties!

There I said it and here is why.

There was a time when people would host a Holiday or Christmas party, invite guests, decorate house, make finger foods and offer holiday beverages. However with Martha Stewart it just seems that the bar is raised to perfection that anything else is a failure.

1. First Martha Stewart claim is "It's Easy"
Almost everything Martha does on the show is easy or simple. Well of course it is when, you a. have a staff to prep things for you and b. don't have a house full of kids that live in the house.

2. Nature is Free and at Your Door Step
In a recent centerpiece idea, it was noted that you just need to walk outside and collect branches about this big. Well I well out to find branches and I couldn't really find any, (I guess my neighbors yard workers are very good.) Overall it took me going to two parks, being barked at by several dogs and stepping into a big puddle just to 20 sticks that would work. Yes, it was free but no fun to collect.

3. Her Finished Product Always Look Amazing
Often Martha Stewart will take a the finished product and place it on a table that is set perfectly for this item. The plates, the napkin holders and accent pieces all work, but when I placed my craft project on my table it didn't look like the picture at all.

My BIGGEST problem is after I invest all the time and effort, which recently was able 4 hours for a centerpiece project, it killed my mood, spirit and made me feel like a failure.

After doing the project and hoping for a Martha Stewart moment, ta-da "It's Beautiful" my mood and attitude  sunk because I focused so much on making it that it carried over into making the food.

I just wasn't having fun making the food and socializing in the kitchen, then I had to remind myself that the centerpiece isn't the reason for the food or the joy of Holiday Party and that Martha Stewart doesn't rule my happiness and maybe, just maybe next time...

I need to purchase a centerpiece, except that I don't have to be perfect or ask the kids or guests to make something, so I can enjoy being the Happy Hostess at my party.

Happy Holidays

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