Friday, December 12, 2008

Top 10 Christmas Party Games

Top 10 Christmas Party Games
We often think certain games are going to be very popular with own visitors, but then certain party games turn out to be much more popular than expected.

Here is a list of Party Game Ideas Top Holiday Party Games for 2008

1. Find Santa's Reindeer - This scavenger hunt game put guests to the test to help find Santa's Reindeer.

2. Christmas Bingo or Holiday Bingo - This classic game is perfect for young and old and comes in as our number two party game of the season.

3. Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay - Team members draw out the carol and then get their team to sing that Christmas carol.

4. Unwrap the Gift Game - No skills needed to play this game, but variations of this game can make each layer naughty or nice.

5. Holiday Trivia Games - This includes various Holiday Trivia games that can stump kids aged 5 to 95!

6. Find Out Who - This office game is a simple ice breaker game where guests can find out facts about each other. Modify as needed for your own Holiday Party.

7. Stocking Guess Game - Place holiday realted items in a stocking and have guests guess what in the stocking. Tip: Items don't always have to be hoilday related, use toys, office supplies, etc... and then raffle off the stocking or give as prizes.

8. Gift Exchange Games - I was surprised to see that the Gift Exchange games were so low, however many people already know how to play them and I am hearing that people are passing on Gift Exchanges for other holiday fun this year.

9. Twas the Night Before Christmas Memory Game - This challenging game can often inspire unique and hilarious answers that are sure to entertain your guests.

10. Gift Stacking Relay - An old fashion game of racing around with a stack of presents wraps up this years top ten party games. This game can be very entertaining as guests most control gifts stacked 4, 5, 6, 7 gifts and more without dropping any.

This list comes from the over 40 Christmas Party Games we feature on Party Game Ideas. The do it yourself Party Game site.

If your favorite Holiday Party Game was not on our list and you think it should be then. Submit your Holiday game to us and it might make our Christmas Top 10 Party Games for next year!

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

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