Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Help! I Need Kid’s Games and Activities for a Vacation Week

I read this question and said wow that is a lot of work, but how do you keep kids busy with games day after day.

Here is the question:I am going to a 4th of July camping trip next week, and I am in charge of keeping the little kids busy with crafts and games? We have a theme each night but what can games can I play?

Day 1. Mama Mia Night (Italian)- Games?
Mama Mia Night: Ok – Italian, cooking, kitchen prepHow about Egg and Spoon Relay race. Tie in theme of cooking. Maybe fill the pot a game where the kids have to fill a plastic cup of water and then place on a saucer or plate and run to a pot to fill with water. This would be a relay type race and first team to fill the pot to make pasta wins.

Day 2. Fiesta Night (M) (Mexican)- Games?
Fiesta Night:Take the Clean Your Room game and Rename – Mexican Jumping Beans and tell them the goal is to get the jumping beans all on one side. (use brown socks) You could use this on country night and call it the Cow Pies Game too.If you have a sombrero – Maybe sombrero toss (who can toss the farthest, who can toss it on an object)

Day 3. Hawaiian Night (H) (Hawaii)- Games?
Hawaiian Night – Limbo, Rename Grab the Most Balloons Game and rename Grab the Most Coconuts. After the game, be sure to you let the air out of the balloons and throw in the trash, so no animals are harmed.

Day 4. Yee Haw Night (Country)- Games?
Challenge them with the Alphabet List Game but be sure to use animals. Printable game What’s o Old McDonald’s Farm. How about a lasso game, learn how to make a lasso and then see if you can set a target and they can try to lasso something.

Day 5. Carnival Night (fair games)- Games Ideas I have bean toss, face paint, puppet show, basketball shoot. Others?
Carnival Night, you already have some good ideas a few others. Ring toss – Set Up soda’s or water and have them toss rings at them. Score points or put size prizes on each item. Same idea but instead of tossing on a bottle toss coins or ping pong balls in plastic cups.

Looking at your game situation lets look at it night by night and lets see if you have both indoor and outdoor activities. One have indoor and outdoor activities, you never know what the whether would be so maybe consider some printable games and activities. Here you find a variety of challenges you can use on your trip and for birthday parties later in the year.Lets look at this night by night.

You can find more ideas on my web site. Party Game Ideas – Kids Party Games

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