Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Man Wears - Bachelorette Party Game

Need an ice breaker game and want to catch the ladies off guard?

Well play My Man Wears... The game where you learn more than you may want too!
This is a easy game and you can do it for little or no cost. (well maybe some dignity)

My Man Wears... A Party Game Ideas Original
Ask everyone who is married or who has a boyfriend to send a picture of their guy to you before the shower. Now take the pictures, resize and place on a page or pages.

Underneath or beside each pictures place the following:__ Briefs __ Boxers __ Boxer Briefs __ Thong __ Nothing at All

Now when the ladies arrive (hopefully they are all good sports) hand out a sheets of paper with the guys pictures on it (don’t forget the groom needs to be there too) and ask the women to select what they think each guy wears based on the photo.

Once everyone is finished, trade sheets to score and one by one have each person reveal the answer. You can have people guess before just for fun. Hopefully, everyone will have fun with this as it works as a fun ice breaker. Highest number correct wins.

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