Thursday, June 19, 2008

Games the Get Baby Shower Going

SHower you are having a Baby Shower and you have variety of people coming to your who are all friends of the mom to be. Great, right?

Well there are 5 co-workers, 4 college friends, 5 from high school, 4 nieghbors and 7 relatives. How do you get them to mix up and have a good time and become friends them selves.

Well a good ice breaker baby shower game will help get things going, but which one do you choose?

Hmm, well you want a few things in order to getting people to move outside their comfort zone and they include.
Laughter - so make it fun
Interest - So include questions
Stories - Kind want the share factor like, I've always wanted to do that too!

And then follow your ice breaker event or game with a short game that involves teams so new bonds are formed.

As for embarrassing games early, I recommend that the only persons you may embarass early during a shower would be you as the host can say things that embarrass yourself, (silly but true) and the guest of honor the mom to be (but only nice embarassments) use nice comments and about her glowing etc... You will find as the guests get more relaxed and know more people they will be willing to share more and take risks to have fun.

I think some of the best baby shower ice breaker games are:
Discovery Game - Where you get to ask lots of questions to learn about people
Baby Shower Survey - They provide unique information and guests guess who it is
Pass the Box - With this include get to know you questions
And Who Am I? Silly but fun

Remember you can play more than one ice breaker game at a shower to warm up the crowd, plus after you do these games you can then play all sorts of baby shower games as teams. Check out a complete list of Baby Shower games here.

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