Thursday, June 19, 2008

Need a Party Theme - How About Being a Kid Again

I get a lot of email asking what type of theme should I have, I want everyone to have a good time.

Well as I have been reading and re-writing kids party games, I am thinking why not a Be a Kid Again Party theme.

I mean it is summer, it's hot so why not have fun.

You can mix in a lot of games like Musical Chairs, Red Light Green Light, a Water Balloon Battle and throw in some word games, charades or bingo that can be printed right from the computer.
Plus you can pall 4 square, kick ball or tag game just like you did when you were kids.

It is so easy and for party food, go cafeteria style. Hot Dogs, mac & cheese, etc...

Some times the best fun is the easiest so at you next party be silly, have fun and act like a child!
For Kid's Party Games click here.

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