Friday, June 6, 2008

Some Simple Baby Shower Games to Keep Things Going

So you have a baby shower coming up and you are concerned that you may have gaps of time with nothing going on, no worries I got some short games that can help keep some or all the guests busy and they all involve paper and pen.

Baby Word Scramble
Take common baby items and scramble them up and have guests try to figure out what the word is. A variation is to use the mothers name as the letters that can be used to create words associated with a baby.

Baby Animal Game
This classic is great to fill in gaps between events, keep kids busy and learn something about animals, becuase we all know what a baby whelp is right? We found some versions online too.

Pregnancy Truth or Myth Game
Find pregnancy facts and myths online. Give each person a list with both myths and truths and have them guess which is which. Have them write down their answers. Whoever gets the most right wins a prize.

Baby Advice Game
Everyone wants to offer advice to the new parents, swaddle the baby, give the baby lots of belly time, etc... Now you can decide whether you want to offer silly or serious advice to the new mom or both with these advice type games.

And there are more Pen & Paper Baby Shower Games here.
Plus over about 50 other Baby Shower games and activities that you can do yourself or print out on the computer.
Have a good day - Sarah

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