Sunday, June 29, 2008

Build Your Own Kid's Party Game

Need a unique and great party game for the kid's that will likely surprise and entertain them.

Well build on existing concepts and see if you build your own game.

Take a simple yarn game inspired me to write up Yarning for Treasure :) a game that involves finding items, tying items, coordination, clues and working as a team. I had fun writing it and hope others have fun playing it.

Basically it is like creating a challenge for survivor or the amazing race, plus a few challenges together and then weave them into a master story.

If you need some basics to get starts check out the complete kid's games list and then get creative building your own original game for the kids.
Sarah - Party Game Ideas


Trying to take it one day at a time said...

Sarah! I've been searching for a fun adult party game and can't find anything that fancy's me. We have a group of couples, single people, one pregnant girl....younger 20ish and then the 40ish crowd. Do you have any suggestions??? We usually do LCR and then we've also done were we've had $1 store gifts, just total off the wall stuff that we handed out to people and that was fun. But we are looking for something else and new to do at this one. Any suggestions???

Sarah - said...

Well I am not sure what fancy's you and what you already have looked at.

Here are some simple ideas that you may be able to build upon.

Take a theme like country fair, 5 years old or trivia and then come up with several games to play.

Country fair - Ring toss, bean bag throw, toss a football through a hoop, Bingo...

5 Year Old - Get games for 5 year old, chutes and ladders, candyland, relay races, and other games

Get trivia or apples to apples games and play those.

Remember you don't always need a prize sometimes the fun is just in playing the games and being with friends.