Thursday, June 26, 2008

Action Packed or Prim and Proper Wedding Shower Games

Some Brides want a wide and crazy wedding shower while others prefer prim and proper. The best thing to do is let your bride be your guide. However, you will also need know if Grandma Mae or the groom's mother will be in attendance?

Here is how I would decide:
One let the bride be your guide and also consider will there be a bachelorette party? If there is a bachelorette party save the real risque games for that night.

The wider the audience in age the more toned down it should be, so age range 20 - 30 get crazy.
Have more action activites and events.

Age range 13 - 70 well a few more pen and paper events and keep things safer.

Couples wedding shower, mix in a newlywed game if possible have fun or else the guys will be a little bored.

Remember everyone should have a good time and as long as everyone has fun they will.
Here for Wedding Shower Game Ideas.

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