Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Start the Night With Who Knows the Bachelorette Game

It's Bachelorette Party season may people ask me - How do we get the party started?

Well if the group already knows each other it is easy to start with dinner and drinks and then hit the town. However if you have work, college, relatives and long time friends consider starting with a game about the Bachelorette.

Who Knows the Bachelorette Game
Before the Bachelorette Party ask the Bride-to-be a series of questions. You may want to adjust based on the group going out what is fun for good friends may not be good for mom to hear.

We have sample questions for Who knows the Bachelorette here plus a printable game that might be the quickest way to get things started!

Once everyone has answered the questions, the Bachelorette answers them and shares any stories that go along with the question. Guests often add a little extra to the story and little by little the group comes together.

The person with the most right wins a drink or beads (something simple).

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