Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Olympic Party Planning – Let the Games Begin

With the Olympic games right around the corner, the spirit of competition is sure to become a theme for parties in August. So how do you make your party an Olympic sized success, well plan unique activities that involve international themes and competition.

First start with some Olympic Party Decorations.
Second have Chinese food or an International menu of appetizers
Third have fun games to challenge the mind and body.

Take the Who Am I game and turn it into What Country Am I?
Guests could be Japan, Russia, Italy, Chile, New Zealand, Egypt, etc…

Play competitive games
Create your own mini-Decathlon competition.
Maybe 5 events like Frisbee throw, bean bag target toss, shoot free throws, hop on 1 foot, and standing jump.

Develop a scoring system and after each event you can have a break. Depend on your group adjust to be easy or difficult.

Need other event or game ideas just check out our kid’s party game list of almost 70 games and let the games being.

Sarah – Party Game Ideas Lady

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