Friday, July 11, 2008

Shower Games - Getting Stranger to Know Each Other

Baby showers and bridal shower often bring unique groups of people together and in many cases they don't know each other. So how can you soften the mood and break the ice at your event?

Well the good news is that most guests attend the baby and wedding shower because they care about the mom to be and the couple. So everyone is there for them and all they want to do is have a good time.

To make sure that everyone feels at home during your shower, make sure you recruit one or two people to assist you in meeting and greeting people. Basically, have a team making sure that everyone is welcome.

Then do a shower game or an activity early on where people come together as a team to answer trivia questions, create something or do something. Teams help from bonds quickly and provide inclusion into a group. Once the game is over it is easy to start up a conversion with someone from your team then a stranger. This helps broaden the social circle.

Last consider get to know you games that invite the unexpected. People may not naturally bring up that they want to run a marathon, but when they learn that Betty just completed her 5th Boston marathon then they have something real to talk about.

So plan a interactive event early during your bridal shower or baby shower and you may be surprised at how many new friendships you may have created.

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