Thursday, July 31, 2008

Outdoor Family Reunion Games to Keep the Kids Busy

Janet sent in this question:
I need outdoor family reunion games to keep the kids busy any ideas?

Well Janet often kids have away of creating their own games but I did come up with a few ideas for you.

Amazing Family Reunion Race / Scavenger Hunt give the kids a list of questions / tasks and have them talk to relative to find out the answers. Another option would be for them to go from relative to relative and complete certain tasks before receiving the next clue.
Example: In this family there are 5 and they had a very long drive - See the Dad for your challenge.
Now the challenge could be find out something about the family or travel or to run a lap around the park.

Also have outdoor items they can play with water toys, frisbee, football, badmitton, etc... they can entertain themselves. A simple ring toss or target games can be fun. Frisbee freeze tags, set up a hula hoop as a target, etc...

Nature scavenger hunt, have a list of items you can collect or photograph with a digital camera then send teams off to find it. For safety include an adult on each team.

For more ideas vist Family Games and the Kids Games pages.
FYI - You may want to have soem indoor items just in case it rains for consider some Printable Games.

Sarah - Party Game Ideas Lady

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