Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Indoor Survival Tip - Printable Games To The Rescue

Well if any of you live near Florida and dealt with Fay's rain and wind for day after day, then you understand what happens when kids are trapped inside just ask my neighbor.

While day one was ok, movies, reading a magazine and a few chores; day two, three and four were a struggle. She was more than happy to learn about these printable party and word games.
When I told her about it she said well I am not having a party just need something for the kids to do. That is when I said, these are games, brainteasers, word finds, unscramble the words and lots more. So I suggested Halloween printable games or the kid's birthday party printable games package.

These printable games are great for any kids who is bored and stck inside I said. After she reviewed the list of games she was really surprised, there were more than she could imagine and she bought a package that included over 50 games and activities.

Things finally started to clear up on Sunday and she told me that she was glad she bought the printable games and now has activities for them from Halloween through Christmas. So I guess, you liked it I said and she responsed I loved it!

Always nice to learn about people enjoying Party Game Ideas and the printable games.
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

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