Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Party Favors – This Year Keep It Simple

Every year someone in the office has to come up with party favors or small gifts for the Christmas or Holiday party, sometimes these gifts are over the top but in many cases they a company pens, silly toys and company shirts.

I can be honest, I never got a shirt that fit or looked good, so I never wore it. This year consider giving a smaller gift that is easy and it sure to be used.

One thing everyone understands is that times are tough, so most employees understand smaller gifts. Honestly, I always preferred a little more cash over a gift I would never use.

Here are my favorite Christmas Party Favors
Add a company logo or personal thank you where the photo goes and then the receiver can just switch out the photo later.
Starts at about $2.15 each, comes in sets of 4. The more you order the less they cost.

This is great! Give personalized holiday greetings and fresh breathe at the same time, easy and fun.

Runs $2.50 each with minimum order of 30 tins.

A great way to send a Holiday message full of smiles and good taste.
These run $2.75 with a 24 order minimum.

Some other favorites include Personalized Hot Cocoa Packets, Cookies Recipe Gifts, Holiday Cookies and Snowflake Bottle Stoppers.
Still not sure then check out some additional Holiday Party Favors: Snowflake Favors here and additional Christmas Favors here.

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