Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Halloween Party Games - Get Ready for Fun

Halloween is fun for all ages and over the years Halloween has changed from Trick or Treating around town to visiting a few house and having Halloween parties.

Oh the fun of seeing everyone dressed up in costume, sharing haunted stories, getting candy and playing games. If you are hosting a Halloween Party this year, you may be looking for some activities and games for your event.

Here are some of my favorite Halloween party games and activities.

For the young kids:
Witch's Hat Ring Toss
Take 2 or more witches hats and place a challenging distance from the throw line. Kids try to toss the most rings on the hats. Several variations and game options.

Halloween Corners
The music starts and the children walk in a circle, when the music stops the go to one of the themed corner and then the people in one of those corners are tricked out of the game. Play until one winner.

Spooky Walk
A musical chairs type Halloween game but without the running and pushing. A fun game involving music, fun graphics and walking. Young kids will want to play several times.

More Kids Halloween Games at Party Game Ideas including Pumpkin Bowling

Ghost Hunter
This team game involves finding hidden ghosts and then when they have all of the ghosts they must unscramble the letters to reveal a Halloween word or phrase.

Halloween Survivor
Who will survivor these Halloween challenges and activities. Halloween survivor allows you to have a variety of activities but only 1 survivor! Instead of voting off the guests are eliminated after each competition.

Printable Halloween Games
These Halloween games include trivia, word finds and even Halloween Bingo. They will keep guests busy for 5 - 15 minutes and work for all ages. The Value Pack gives you access to over 40 games!

Halloween Body Parts Story where you pass food around and gross guests out
John - My Dear Friend...
The Story of Tragic Sam

For adult Halloween parties, Halloween murder mysteries can be a lot of fun and so can various scavenger hunts. I have several Halloween scavenger hunts listed.

Want more I have almost 50 Halloween game ideas and Halloween costume ideas too.

Happy Halloween
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

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marilyn scott said...

Thanks for sharing these game ideas for Halloween. Of all games mentioned, Witch's Hat Ring Toss is probably the best and my kids love it!

Happy Halloween!
Lyn @ Halloween party games