Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Top Halloween Costumes 2008

Wow Halloween 2008 is turning into a “Summer Blockbuster” for the men and traditional classics for the women. This pattern is being repeated for boys and girls costumes too.

For Men's Costumes
The Dark Knight is King as Batman and The Joker costumes dominate sales. Some extremely detail Dark Knight costumes are going for $300, $400 and more. Next on the list for the men’s costumes are Indiana Jones and Iron Man are huge sellers.Then it drops off to your more traditional Halloween costumes including Star Wars characters, Spiderman, The Hulk, Vampires, Monsters and Firefighters.

While Election and Olympic themes are out there, you might end up seeing more Bush R.I.P. costumes than Obama or McCain. As for the Olympics, other then Michael Phelps there were not to many costume friendly icons to come out of them and few people can pull off Michael Phelps.

For Women's Costumes
One of this years most popular costumes will most likely be Sarah Palin!

I expect to see this costume at least twice, women with a Hockey shirt on, hair up, glasses on, a pit bull under one arm and red lipstick on. Traditional women’s costumes such as witches, Princess Leia, Angelina Jolie, cheerleader, Angels remain popular. As for top costumes, our research showed no clear cut costume this year.

For Boys Costumes

Most popular costumes for boys are Batman, Indiana Jones, Iron Man, The Hulk, Star Wars characters and Spiderman. Again summer movies have influenced the popularity of Halloween costumes.

For Girls Costumes
Popular trends for girls this year Hanna Montana, High School Musical, Camp Rock and Disney Princesses – Disney costumes are in.

Classical such as witches, ballerinas, Hello Kitty, ladybugs and butterflies also remain popular.

Baby and Toddlers
Cute still rules for babies and toddlers!Monkeys, bubble bees, flowers, cats and dogs are extremely popular with parents and really how can you go wrong with any of them!

Happy Halloween Costume Hunting
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