Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ideas for Bridal Shower without Games? This Recipe Theme is Perfect

While I enjoy Bridal Shower Games and write and blog about them.

I sometimes get emails asking for Gameless Bridal Showers or they note I don't want to play any silly games. Well I think I have the recipe for a gameless wedding shower, well almost.

Instead of Bridal and Wedding Shower Games

Hold a Share Your Recipe Shower.
Ask attendees to complete the following statements "What is Your Recipe for...
a. Your Favorite Dinner
b. Romance
c. Making Up
d. Saving Money
e. etc...

Then have each guest bring the answers to your shower and through out the shower take brakes and share the recipes for a, b, c, etc...

Now you can still play a game, but reverse course and have the Bride to Be take action and have her play, "Bake Me a Cake."

This game is perfect as it has the bride bake a cake without a recipe. Hence it is likely to turn out bad, this helps showcase your theme of Sharing and Following the Recipe for Success.

And after each Recipe you can pick someone to win a small gift, I found some fun recipe shower gifts and favors that would work Gratest Love of All (cheese grater), slice of love (pizza cutter) and more.

After the shower is over, take all the answers and place in a scrapbook. Easy, Fun and No Games.

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