Monday, October 18, 2010

Witch Hunt a Halloween Search Game for Kids

Need an outdoor or indoor activity for your kids then try Witch Hunt, where you hide Witches throughout a room, house or in the yard and then have the kids go searching for them. This game can be played during the day or can be played at night with flashlights which makes Witch Hunt a lot harder

Witch Hunt
We have ideas for a do it yourself Witch Hunt game on our site or you can select the printable Witch Hunt game below and pictured to the left. Winners for this game can be decided by the first person or team to have everyone find a witch or by the person to find the most witches.

For the Printable version You can buy just
Witch Hunt Halloween game or
The Halloween Game Pack that includes 50 games for Halloween, Fall and Thanksgiving or The Seasonal Party Game Pack which has games for Halloween, Christmas, Easter and more.

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