Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scarecrow Games for Harvest or Halloween Parties

It's that time of year for Harvest Festivals and Halloween Parties and if you want a fun outdoor activity consider Scarecrow Building games for fun.

For those on the farm or country, Scarecrow building supplies can come from a variety of sources including corn and for those in cities use old clothes or pillows can work to help fill out a scarecrow.

We have two Scarecrow games to help get you started, you can use them for your Harvest or Halloween party or add your own unique twist.

Build a Scarecrow
Have a pile of Scarecrow items - shirts, pants, pillowcases and let teams know that they must build a scarecrow. To make it more fun have a theme like scariest, funniest or prettiest scarecrow then have team go to work putting together there scarecrow and placing it on the front lawn.

The winner can be the first team to complete the task or the scarecrow that best matches the theme.
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Find and Build a Scarecrow
This game takes more planning as teams must head out and quickly find the items needed to build a scarecrow. You can play in the daytime or to make it a little harder play at sunset. (Just don't let anyone see where items are hidden before the game.)

Once teams find their scarecrow items they must work together to be the first team to build and set up their scarecrow. Get more details on Find and Build the Scarecrow Game

Another idea is the Scarecrow Posing Game
Break the group into teams and have one member from each team act as a Scarecrow (give them a hat, flannel shirt so they look the part) and another team member is then given a Halloween word (noun or verb) for his team to guess.

However the only way for this team member to communicate is to pose the scarecrow to give his or her team clues to the word. Use a Pictionary or Cranium timer.

If the Team correctly guess the Halloween word then they get one point, if they don't get the word the other team is allowed to guess. First team to 10 wins.

Note have fun by changing the scarecrow each turn. So you could have the Scarecrow sit down, the person posing the scarecrow becomes the scarecrow and the then a new poser is selected from the team. This way everybody can take a turn playing each part.

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