Friday, October 8, 2010

Snooki Wig - Is a Halloween Frenzy Brewing?

Snooki that fun loving mouthy girl with the hair bump is creating a crazy that has more than a few people scratching their heads.

What has Snooki done now???
Is Snooki back in court?
Did she cut her hair?
Is Snooki going to be on Dr. Drew's Rehab?

No, No and No!

It's the Snooki Wig that is stirring up emotions and people want that Jersey Shore hair bump that Snooki has perfected. The problem is finding it.

Yes, the Snooki Wig is so popular women are basically fighting to get the Snooki Wig!

Managers from three Halloween stores told me all their Snooki Wigs are gone and no more were expected. Amazon had zero for sale this afternoon and the online place we found the Snooki Wig for purchase toward was Ebay! Where they had 27 Snooki Wigs for sale or auction.

Yes other online stores noted they would email you once it comes in. Hmmm, I would rather buy now rather than keep waiting for an email.

So if you are planning on a Jersey Shore Halloween, then start planning now to get your Snooki Wig - so you can have a rockin Halloween.

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