Thursday, October 28, 2010

Need Party Games but they Can't Be Halloween Games then use These Harvest Games

Some schools and offices don't allow Halloween games to be played but you still want to have fun, right?

Well try some of these Harvest games are your party. They are similar to Halloween games but don't say Halloween here are a few popular ones.

Harvest Bingo - This Bingo Game can be personalized just for your event and you can print up to 200 different cards. Note: You'll have access to the Bingo Harvest game fro 90 days so you can use it tomorrow, this weekend and even during the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Other printable Harvest Games
Harvest Picture Bingo - Great for young kids (Images instead of words)
Finish My Phrase Harvest Time - Discover who is thinking the same in this game
Harvest Rhyme Time - Match harvest related words that rhyme
It's all about the Harvest - Match harvest questions and answers

If you like the idea of these Harvest games you can get 30 Harvest and Thanksgiving games in this party game value pack.

The value pack gives you more games options and costs less than purchasing 3 printable games, plus you'll have activities for the next month so you will get value out of this group of games.

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