Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Bubble Fogger - Yes, Fog Inside Bubbles

The Bubble Fogger is so cool - the fog gets trapped inside the bubble and when the bubble pops the fog is released. The bubbles come in small (golf ball sized) bubbles which are shown in the video and larger bubbles which were more hit or miss.

With proper lighting this will look even better on Halloween. Check out the Bubble Fogger video.

We found the Bubble Fogger at Spirit Halloween and all of the comments were positive. One thing to note is that these are bubbles and tile, garage and wood floors could become slippery, so be careful.

Other Bubble Fogger Comments:
- The bubbles float well and they look mysterious, cool and magical all at the same time.
- People were just loving the bubbles and the bursting them to reveal the fog..
- Buy the bubble solution and fog solution from Spirit, I found other bubble solution to be to heavy.

Details on Bubble Fogger

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