Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Classic Food Passing Game, Safe Kid's Game that Will Make Them Squirm

Halloween after Halloween kids sit in a circle and listen to a story a recently deceased man or woman and one by one a bowl of guts, two eyes and remains of bones are slowly passed around the circle.

These Halloween story games often small whimpers, eeews and eeks and even screams can come from guests, for many this Halloween game tradition is a rite of passage.

If your kids and guests are from 8 - 11 then they might be in the sweet spot for this Halloween tradition and if they never have experienced the gross food passing game then this is sure to be a Halloween treat for you and them.

If you kids have heard a story before, consider a new version or another gross food type game like Operation Body Parts or The Morgue Assistant as both involve gross food and more.

When planning for these Halloween story games, we have a few tips.
1. Have a dark room and a flashlight
2. Have an assistant to hand you the right bowls
3. Test reading by flashlight and increase font size for easy reading
4. If possible have creepy sound effects in the background
5. Keep the story a secret and foods a secret from your kids too!
6. Do a run through with assistant before party

Now you just need to find the perfect Halloween story, we have Miserly Man and My Dear Lamented Friend.

These are just two of over 60 Halloween Party Games at Party Game Ideas.

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