Friday, October 15, 2010

Cool Halloween Party Favors for Kids and Adults

Your having a Halloween party, classroom activity or the kids are gathering for a fun costume contest and you need Halloween party favors.

Well we have searched the web and found party packs, small toys and fun items that kids will enjoy and it's not candy!

If you want variety then consider a Halloween party favor pack that offers lots of Halloween items for kids. This way kids can select something they like and will enjoy. What we like is that one box of party favors is good for an entire classroom and if you have extras you can give them out at Halloween.

Another fun Halloween themed favor is the Surprise filled Jack-o-Lanterns you can find them with toys and candy inside, so the it is a fun favor.

For younger kids Halloween pop ups are fun. Just stick them to the floor and in seconds they will pop up. Kids aged 3, 4 and 5 will get a kick out of these.

Light up Halloween favors - Orange glow rings, Halloween necklaces and other glow items are fun to tween and teen parties. While maybe not a true favor it adds to the event.

Spooky House Personalized Photo Candy Bar Personalized Candy Bar With Wrapper EachAnd if you want to give something special to the neighborhood kids and party attendees consider giving them a personalized Halloween candy bar! Yes, it's very cool and you can add a photo or just a fun message to your candy bar wrapper. Purchase with or without candy bar.

Last there are a variety of Halloween favors that range from halloween ducks to chattering teeth to glow in the dark goo. Check out our favorite Halloween Party Favors now.

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