Friday, October 15, 2010

Recycle Magazines at Your Halloween Party with Make a Monster Game

This is a silly and not so scary game and activity, but it will reuse your old magazines before they hit the recycling bin.

Make a Monster is a creative game where kids make up a monster from magazine pictures. Party and game planners might want to do some prep work for younger kids and supply some Halloween accessories like fangs or eye patches from a computer to add to the fun.

One nice thing about Make a Monster game is that you don't have to have a winner, you can have a winner if you want but it can just be a creative Halloween activity if you want. Make a Monster also makes a fun weekend or after school activity for kids too.

Playing Make a Monster is simple.
a. Pull out magazines kids can pull photos from like Cosmo, GQ, People are a good start
If you don't have any ask friends for some. 
b Give guests (individual or in teams) a Monster type of monster to make: Scary, Funny, Poor Fashion, etc...
c. Now give set a time limit to create their monster - 3 or 5 minutes should be fine.
d. Share the Monsters in the Monster Gallery for fun or a select a winner

Have fun by having several rounds involving different types of Monster.
Here for complete Make a Monster Game instructions.

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