Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Find Halloween Costume Accessories in Unusual Places

When a Halloween event was announced at a friend's workplace, they need a kid friendly Halloween costume but in reviewing past Halloween costumes several pieces had been destroyed or damaged by heat, stained or age.

It was decided a Pirate costume would work best, but since several key pirate costume items were now ruined we had to find a pirate shirt, pirate sash and pirate boots or boot covers to complete the costume. Being that the work Halloween event is this Thursday, online was not an option.

So began a unique search for a men's pirate costume replacement parts. We started our search by visiting Spirit Halloween, Halloween Express and Party City and soon discovered that costume replacement parts are hard to find, the online selections are so much better than in store as they sell out and most of these stores don't carry costume replacement items from standard costumes because they want to sell you a new Halloween costume.

However, we did score some very nice Pirate Boots. 3 Stores - 1 Item found, 2 to go.

Still in need of a pirate shirt and sash, we saw a Target, pulled into the parking lot and quickly headed to the Halloween section.

Where we learned Target is ready to go costumes and Halloween decorations.
Next we went to the men's shop to see if we could find any Halloween magic there. The answer was a quick no as fluffy pirate shirts aren't in fashion for men.

However in a half joking, half serious note it was mentioned we should check the women's clothes for a pirate shirt! Yes, there is nothing like helping a 6 foot 5 inch guy find clothing in the women's section of Target. What turned out to be even more humorous was finding 2 shirts that looked like pirate shirts and then having him try them on in the store.

After 30 minutes, a few stares and finding shirts that would fit, we found him an amazing pirate shirt for his pirate costume and no alterations are needed in the women's department at Target.

Now we just needed a pirate sash, which for some reason difficult to find. While we did find one option a Party City it just didn't match the rest of his Halloween costumes.

After several hours of working to complete costume we were about to throw in the towel, when we spotted Joann Fabrics. Without saying a word, we were in the store and checking out fabrics as what better place can there be to find a pirate sash.

After a through inspection of several fabrics, scrunching them, tying them and checking how they reflected light, we found the perfect red Pirate sash. And once it was cut for him, he had a great sash for under $2!

The interesting part of this story is that we found two of the three items for his pirate costume in non-Halloween shops and sections of a store.

So when looking to complete or create a unique costume think outside the Halloween box and don't pass up the opportunity to visit the men's and women's sections of a store, visit fabric and craft stores and check out thrift stores for unique clothing and props too.

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