Friday, October 15, 2010

Turn Soda, Beer and Wine Bottles into Haunting Halloween Beverages with Frightening Bottle Labels

Sometimes it's the little unexpected Halloween scares and fun party accents that get noticed the most. Like Halloween bottle labels, yes spooky Halloween bottle labels.

Shocktails 2-Liter Bottle Labels (4 count)Instead of kid's asking for Apple Cider they'll say "Can I have more Spider Cider!"
And instead of soda they might ask for Bats Brew or Zombie Tonic.
Let's be honest it's more fun to ask for Zombie Tonic than Coke or Pepsi. Young kids are sure to think it's silly drinking Zombie Tonic and other kids might enjoy mixing haunting good beverages and acting out their drinks name.
Halloween Soda Bottle Stickers (4 count)
Here for Halloween Soda Bottle Labels - First Photo
Bats Brew, Zombie Tonic, Bone Juice, Spider Cider

Halloween Soda Bottle Stickers - Second Photo
Truth Serum, Zombie Virus, Spider Venom, Liquid Phantom

Spooky Beer Bottle LabelsThere are bottle labels for adult too.
Monster Brau, Dead Stripe and St. Zombi Girl labels will surprise and entertaining guests. Plus if you don't make a big deal about it you can watch their reactions as they discover they have a Samael Deadmann's Brew!

Yes, these Halloween bottle labels are silly but for a few bucks they add good humor and fun to the party or just a gathering of friends.
Here for Halloween Beer Bottle Labels
Halloween Wine Bottle Stickers (8 count)

We found these items at two Halloween Stores, so if you have other Halloween shopping to do then use these money saving coupons for your purchase. Plus check out more of our favorite Halloween party supplies now.

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