Thursday, October 14, 2010

Top 10 Halloween Party Game Ideas for Kids and Tweens

Halloween is fast approaching and it is time to decide on what party games you are going to plan for your kids Halloween party or sleep over. One of the more difficult tasks is finding a game that is not to young nor too old for your kids, but something everyone can enjoy.

That is why we have over 50 Halloween games for all ages and fun ideas for kids and tweens. So if you told a Spooky Story with gross food last year, maybe consider a game involving body parts this year. Plus we have added several new gross, silly and odd games to this year's list.

Most of these games and activities involve moving, gross stuff or mental challenges, we hope it helps you spend less time preparing for Halloween and more time enjoying it!

Top 10 Halloween Games and Activities for kids 7 to 12

Gross Food Guess – Gross food and stuff
Tragic Sam – Story plus passing of body parts
Halloween Charades – A Halloween spin on a classic
Finish the Spooky Phrase – See who is the best mind reader
The Morgue Assistant - To get the job, applicants must find body parts in the morgue
Zombie Attack – Target game where you fend off zombies
Halloween Scavenger / Treasure Hunt - Follow the clues for a haunting good time
Halloween Survivor – Group various activities together and guests try to become the Halloween Survivor champion
Halloween Bingo – Easy, fun and perfect to keep the kids busy for a few minutes before other activities.
Pumpkin Hunt - Outdoor game where they search for pumpkins

Don't worry if one of these Halloween games isn't quite right, we've got over 30 Halloween party games that work for this kids and tweens. Plus many more Halloween party game options for younger children, teens and adults.

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