Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Hoax? Bigfoot Encounter a Mystery Outdoor Game

This outdoor Halloween Mystery game is perfect for Halloween bonfires or as a fun outdoor Halloween event. Bigfoot Encounter is a murder mystery style game that challenges guest to determine if Bigfoot is a hoax, real or something else.

This outdoor game involves participation and scripted parts, so it works best with kids and adults that don't mind being in the spotlight. It's a fun mystery that works with large groups and creates a memorable time.

Bigfoot Encounter Synopsis:
What begins as a typical evening campfire program at the Sasquatch National Park turns thrilling when a Bigfoot is spotted wandering through the campsite.

Many of the campers eagerly present wild theories about the Sasquatch.  Guests have to decide what they think they saw, and whether or not they're in danger. Did the guests actually sight an unknown creature?  If it was a hoax, who would want to frighten off the guests, and why?
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