Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bobbing for Apples 7 Ways to Play a Classic Halloween Party Game

Bobbing for Apples is such an easy game, we never added it to the site as everyone knows how to play Bobbing for Apples, right?

Little did I know when I started that I would end up with 7 ways to play this classic fall and Halloween party game. Yes, 7 ways to play Bobbing for Apples and more options based on how you decide the winner of the game.

We offer Classic Bobbing for Apples
Relay Bobbing for Apples
Plus a new twist on Bobbing for Apples called Catch the Apples where you can play as individuals or as a team.
And last we had to figure out a way to make this game harder so we made a difficult version of the kids game Catch the Apples that is sure to entertain.

Check out Party Game Ideas take on Bobbing for Apples and a new twist to your Halloween party fun.

Need more ideas, view over 50 more Halloween Party Games at Party Game Ideas.

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