Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Temporary Tattoos Easy and Fast Fun for Halloween

Tired of Tattoo Sleeves?
Want something to go with you make-up and looks cool?
Looking for arm band tattoos, scratch tattoos, stitches tattoos, pumpkins, spiders, skull and bones or just some funny tattoos for a Halloween party?

Free Shipping on Halloween Temporary Tattoos!

Well then go to Temporary Tattoos where you can get more tattoos for less, at lot less. I was at Halloween Express last night and they wanted $2.99 for one tattoo and here a similar butterfly tattoo was $0.55.

I'll be honest some of the Ed Hardy tattoos are closer in price but if like to have fun, enjoy changing your style often, then you can get 10 - 20 tattoos and have a lot of fun with them for Halloween and throughout the year. Get them for yourself and your friends. 

Check out more Temporary Tattoos now. It's free to look!
And they have Free Shipping on orders over $10!

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