Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Decorations & Props Going Fast

Halloween is a favorite Holiday for many. Costumes parties, haunted hayrides, trick or treating and making scary Halloween displays are all part of the fun.

Today, I stopped into our local Halloween shop and got to see some of the cool items in person. While the store was really well put together, I noticed a troubling trend as I spent a few minutes with the manager.

Here was our conversation:
"Do you have the Dancing Witch Broom?" - Last one sold this morning
"Great Cemetery Entrance" - It's sold!
"Do you have the Insane Serial Killer?" - Sold it last weekend.
"Cool Haunted Circus Tent" - That's sold too!
"Animated Witch" - Had two sold and sold!
"Zombie in a Barrel" - Sold Monday

Anymore Halloween decorations on the way - The answer was No!

From what I understand overall inventories were cut even more than last year and hot items are going fast. While there are plenty of costumes, the unique decorations are very limited and the good ones are going fast.

So I thought, well I can find them online and started by checking on the Halloween yard decoration blog I wrote 10 days ago.
Scary Inflatable Dead Tree - Sold out at Spirit and BuyCostumes
Inflatable Cemetery Entrance - Sold Out at Spirit
Good news is we found them on Ebay, but in limited supplies.

I was also surprised other Halloween decorations are selling so fast - the Dancing Broom, Barrel Zombie and more.

I took some video of the Halloween decorations while there today and was going to post one each day, but my fear is that items could sell out in the meantime. So as I result I will be posting a lot of Halloween decoration blogs over the next few days!

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