Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Birthday Party Game - Finish the Spooky Phrase

When Birthdays and Halloween happen at the same time, you want a fun Holiday party game the focuses on the Birthday Boy or Girl but also has a Halloween theme. Finish the Spooky Phrase is the perfect Birthday party game for those having birthdays around Halloween as it put them at the center of attention.

Finish the Spooky Phrase is a fun inactive game that has all your guests trying to discover how the Birthday boy or girl will finish a short but spooky phrase.

Finish The Spooky Phrase

What will be the answer for Creepy _______?
or Cooties

The best part about this Halloween game is you can play it at any age and guests have a fun time hearing why the Birthday Boy or Girl choose that spooky answer. And while we think it is a great Birthday party game, you can play it at the office or at any Halloween gathering.

Finish the Spooky Phrase is a printable Halloween game, so you can purchase it online and easily print it from your computer.

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