Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Party Supplies - Tableware, Trophies, Cake Pans and Novelties

Halloween is two weeks away and now is the time to order your Halloween party tableware, costume trophies, tablecloths, cake pans, novelties and decide on Halloween games.

Party Game Ideas can help you find everything you need in less than 30 minutes from your computer.

Yes, No traffic, no screaming kids and no store salesperson saying "We Sold Out, but if you drive to our other store they have them."

Seriously, check out our assortment of Halloween tableware - Skeletons, Happy Monsters, Spooky Spiders, Giant Eyeball, Classic Orange and Black, Pumpkin and more. The average party store features 3 - 4 tableware patterns - we feature a dozen from the best Halloween shops online.

Halloween Trophies, if you are hosting a Halloween costume contest at your Halloween party check out these colorful trophies for your event. The headless skeleton trophy is our favorite, but there is also a Pumpkin trophy, Sexy Costume trophy and a multi pack so you can have several winners.

Plus add a little fun with Halloween cupcake, cake and ice molds. These pans make it easy to create fun skeleton or pumpkin baked goods for any Halloween event and the kids will helping to decorate them too.

Plus check out all of our favorite Halloween party supplies and while your there check out our list of 60 Halloween party games that are perfect for kid and adult Halloween parties.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady
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Orlando Vacation Guy said...

Great resource for Halloween party supplies plus you also have the Halloween photo stand-ins too! The kids really enjoy.

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