Friday, October 28, 2011

Witch Party Games for Your Halloween Party

We did Vampire Games yesterday and Candy Bar games the day before, so now we are doing Witch Party games.

For those hosting a Halloween event where the theme is the Wicked Witch of the West or Witch's House or Witch's Cauldron then these witch themed party games might fit in well with your event.

Which Witch Is Which?

Halloween Trivia that involves Witches
Game can be Personalized to Your Event
Print Game at your Home
Takes about 15 minutes from purchase to play
Several Graphics for the Same Game

Witch Hunt

Can your Kid's Find all the Hidden Witches
Print Out from Home
Cut Out Witches
Send the Kids on a Scavenger Hunt

We also have a diy Witch Hunt game that involves Witches hats instead.

Witch's Hat Ring Toss - A Simple Game for Kids to play and it involves takes minutes to set up. Just make sure the hat doesn't collapse when a ring lands on it.

Broomstick Witch Hunt - A story / game for little kids that involves following the broomstick path to find where the Witch has stashed the missing candy.

Other Simple party Games can be adapted to a Witch theme.
Ghost Drop - Change the Ghost into a Witch
Candy Corn Catch - Make the items that the catch the Candy Corn in be a Witch's hat.

Want more Halloween Party Games for kids, teens or adults? Check out 80 more diy  Halloween Party Games & easy Printable Halloween Games at Party Game Ideas web site where you'll find lots of great game ideas.

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