Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween, Steve Jobs and an Apple Costume Idea

In the middle of planning and working on Halloween, I have been reflecting as to why I am so sad that Steve Jobs has passed away.

My conclusion is that I grew up with Steve Jobs always being involved with innovation and what is exciting and new. I first learned to program on an Apple IIc and then a MacIntosh. We have Apple mugs around the house with the striped Apple logo, those mugs are 30 years old. My phone and my music are one and my phone is pretty much my personal treasure chest of my life today. (Photos, videos, friends and business)

Basically, I grew up with Steve Jobs and the personal revolution he help and did create. I guess it also puts into mind that I like Steve Jobs am not a teenager, twenty or thirty-something anymore and it hits you when someone you grew up with passes away.

An iPhone Halloween Costume
With my thoughts on Halloween and on Steve Jobs, I think it might be an iPhone for Halloween. Yes I know it sounds odd but based on how I feel today, it would be an interesting idea.

Using cardboard you create the front and back of the iPhone.
Use paint to create the trim and the iPhone screen and paint the back to match the color of your phone.
Create 4 by 4 app images (see if you can capture online and print out) and place on your phone.
Tie the sides with string or use cardboard to bridge the sides. (Get creative)

I think this you be a fun way to highlight my favorite apps (Angry Birds, iTunes, Facebook, etc...), celebrate Halloween and honor Steve Jobs innovation in a unique way.

Just my thoughts.

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