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10 Fun Group Halloween Costume Ideas & Other Themes for Halloween

It's easy for one person to come up with a Halloween costume idea but deciding on a group Halloween costume can be a little more difficult. Sure you can be a group of vampires, mummies or skeletons but we thought we could do better.

With some research and creative thinking we think these group Halloween costumes are sure to make this years Halloween fun and memorable.

1. Angry Birds
As a group this might be the number one costume this year. Groups of Red, Yellow, and Black Birds can chase around Green Pigs and groups can make rules and that could make the evening even more entertaining. From what I am seeing the Red Angry Birds costume is the strongest selling one and has sold out at some locations. Here are to online options for Angry Bird costumes for kids and adults Buy Costumes and Spirit Halloween.

2. Harry Potter Professors or Students
Adults can go as Hogwarts Professors or kids can go as students or members of a Quidditch team. If you are doing Hogwarts Professors consider selecting one book from the series and use the Professors from that book. Select from a variety of Harry Potter costumes or pick up accessories to create your own look.

3. Bridesmaids
It's time to watch Bridesmaids again and then plan your Halloween costumes and adventures. Have each member portray someone from the movie and be able to quote a few lines from that character. Then on Halloween you can create your own memories and throw in some great one liners too!

Pac-Man Power Pellet Adult Costume4. Pac-Man
If you have a group of 4 or 5 people and love the 80's then consider Pac-Man, Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde costumes for your group. This group costume is great for Halloween 5 k's too as you can run casually and chase each other. (Not recommended if you want ot win the race!) We found the most variety of Pac Man costumes online at Spirit Halloween and Buy Costumes.

5. League of Justice
Feeling Super the Halloween or just want to feel like a Superhero then consider going as the League of Justice. Not a big of Superheroes, then go as the Legion of Doom!

6. Choose a Decade
Choose your Halloween costume based on decade. 20's - Flappers & Gangsters, 40's, 50's, 60's - Hippies, 70's - Disco, 80's or 90's. Your can take idea further and decide to go as a Band or Artist from that decade or consider a tv show The Partridge Family, Brady Bunch, Charlies Angels, Love Boat, Sienfield, etc... could be your inspiration. Here are a variety of Decade Costumes.

7. Fairy Tales
Select a classic fairtale or leave it open to all fairy tales and have everyone dress in the theme. The fun is deciding what fairy tale they are from. Change it up and ask guests to come as murdered fairy tale characters and ask theme to read their Unhappy Ever After Endings. We found a wide variety of Fairy Tale costumes at for kids and adults Buy Costumes and Spirit Halloween.

8. Cheerleaders & Football Team Reversal
This time rooting for the home team takes on a different meaning as the guys dress like the Cheerleaders and ladies take the field dressed as the Players. If heading out on the town make sure that the guys can do at least one Cheers and the ladies can run a play and then during the night you can act these out. Find sports related costumes at Buy Costumes and Spirit Halloween.

9. Mario Bros.
Kids and adults love Mario Bros. so this is a perfect family or group costume. Select from Luigi, Mario, Wario, Waluigi, the Princess, Toad or a variety of other characters from this popular video game. Mario Bros. costumes.

10. Micheal Jackson Thriller Ensemble
Michael Jackson + Zombies + Flash Mob = a fun group costume. We know it has been done before but Thriller never gets old and if you have 1 Michael Jackson and 6 - 20 people who learned the steps to Thriller you'll have a fun time pulling this off randomly with or without the music. If possible take a portable music box and scout out areas before Halloween where you could perform. Ideas public park, blocked off streets before crowds get to large and you can even do it in clubs maybe just check with the dj to see when or if they will play it; this way your group can be prepared. Michael Jackson costumes and zombie costumes can be found at Buy Costumes and Spirit Halloween.

Consider these options too.
Muppets - It can always be fun being a puppet
Star Wars Characters
If you group has a hobby or shared interest, try to work that into your Halloween costume.
Go as Apps - Have everyone go as their favorite iPhone app
The Cast from Glee

Hopefully this helps to solve your Group Halloween costume and if not, well then I hope it gets you thinking about group Halloween costume ideas so you can create something special.

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