Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Games to Play When You Can't Play Halloween Party Games

Some schools, Churches and businesses enjoy Halloween but don't allow playing Halloween party games on Halloween, so what options do you have?

Well in many cases celebrations turn into Fall or Harvest Festival celebrations where you can play games on or around Halloween but those party games need to generic and have a harvest or fall theme to them. We have several Harvest party games and ideas that can help you take Halloween game and turn it into the Harvest or Fall Festival game.

The Quickest and easiest party games are these printable Harvest games

Harvest Bingo - This Bingo Game can be personalized just for your event and you can print up to 200 different cards. Note: You'll have access to the Bingo Harvest game fro 90 days so you can use it tomorrow, this weekend and even during the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Other printable Harvest Games
Harvest Picture Bingo - Great for young kids (Images instead of words)
Finish My Phrase Harvest Time - Discover who is thinking the same in this game
Harvest Rhyme Time - Match harvest related words that rhyme
It's all about the Harvest - Match harvest questions and answers

Plus they have other games including Harvest Word Puzzles and Finds too. These games are good and can be used during Halloween and during November. Note if you like more than one of these party games consider getting the Harvest Value Pack that has Halloween, Harvest and Thanksgiving games.

There are already party games that are not Halloween specific that you can use at your party.
Candy Corn Catch - An easy game for kids that doesn't scream Halloween
Cluck Hunt - Is actually gear more towards Harvest events as the kids act like animals
Pumpkin Passing Games fit perfectly with Harvest themes or choose another harvest item to pass
Basically any Scarecrow Game will work for these events.

Now there are some easy ways to take Halloween themed games and turn them into Harvest or Fall games.
Ghost Drop - Simply turn the Ghost into a Scarecrow and now you have a kid's Harvest Game
Halloween Corners - Just change the image to harvest image and your set

Basically you can start to see how to revise Halloween games into Harvest and Fall Festival games. Now check out more Halloween games that could work for your event.

Want more Halloween Party Games for kids, teens or adults? Check out 80 more diy  Halloween Party Games & easy Printable Halloween Games at Party Game Ideas web site where you'll find lots of great game ideas.

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Christy, the Simple Homemaker said...

You have some great ideas here! thank you. My kiddos aren't into the spooks and goblins, and they can't have too many sweets, so many of these activities will be perfect for a fun evening at home. Thanks!