Wednesday, October 26, 2011

5 Teen Halloween Party Ideas That Are Mom Approved!

You've got teenagers who are not adults but no longer kids either, so what type of Halloween games work for their Halloween parties and won't lead to social embarrassment?

From feedback we have heard, Halloween games for teens need to be active and a challenge, gross or focused on the opposite sex. Well we aren't focusing on the opposite sex, so here are Halloween party games that offer challenges or are gross. read the Halloween game ideas and if you want to learn more about it click on the link.

1. Capture the Pumpkins - Have space outside (fields), kids that aren't in costume and need to keep them busy for a while, then Capture the Pumpkins can be a challenge and fun activity as they play a modified version of capture the flag.

2. Halloween Fear Factor - This game has been on our site for several years and still gets lot of feedback and attention. Halloween Fear Factor can be played indoors or outdoors and in costume. This gross game can be adapt for any group, you just need to make sure everything you serve up is properly stored for this game.

3. Horror Movie Trivia - Do your teens like scary movies? Well consider trying to put together a scary movie video montage of movies they might know and see if they can correctly identify them. You can always fall back on movie trivia questions on pen and paper but do something with video makes it more appealing to them. So of these printable Horror Movie Trivia games include many that your average teen won't recognize, well at least in my opinion. Scary Movie Synopsis, Stephen King Trivia (includes books) & Ready, Set,  Scream

4. The Morgue Assistant - Tie in Lindsay Lohan's community service into your Halloween theme be letting guest know that the will be joining Lindsay at the LA Morgue. However before they do so they must see if they qualify to be a Morgue Assistant. This is a mess game that is better for 13 and 14 year olds than 15 and above.

5. Pumpkin Hunt - Another open space game that involves teams or single players searching and finding pumpkins. For teens you can take this open space game and turn it into a Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt if you choose. The key to this approach is to make the clues difficult and have penalties if they need additional clues.

These are a Halloween party game for teens, that I as a Mother Approve. In many cases, teens like to come up with their own ideas so you might want to suggest them and see if they approve, check out 75 more Halloween games and ideas on our web site.

Good Luck and Happy Halloween

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