Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Candy Mash a Party Game That Will Keep Kids Guessing

Mom's will recognize this Halloween Party Game as a version of What's in the Dirty Diaper game, however for kid's who have never played or heard of that game Halloween Candy Mash takes that great idea and makes it a fun Halloween challenge.

Keep the game name or change it to what you want.
Noel who submitted the game noted that Halloween Candy Mash is the name but also mentioned that you can rename it Monster Poop (a take off of Dirty Diaper) or change it into your own name to match your theme.

Some ides we thought of were Zombie Dung, What's the Dirty Doo? and Witches Poo! might be interesting changes if you can match a story to the name that would make sense why you are looking at and sniff Dung, Doo or Poo!

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Basically it is all about having fun, find the complete game details and instructions for Halloween Candy Mash now.

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