Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Party Game Contest Winners - Skeletons Came Up Big This Year

First a Thank You to Everyone who Entered our Halloween Party Games & Ideas Contest. We received a great variety of great Halloween games, some were original and new to us at Party Game Ideas and other took classic party game ideas and recycled them into a new or different Halloween game.

It was a tough decision to pick our Winners, but in the end we selected 3 Halloween games that brought something different to our site.

1st Place
Skeleton Pose Off - The Skeleton Posing challenge that involves memory and quick thinking. Creative and different take on a classic Halloween decoration.
Sent in by Mayland C. - Fredricksburg, MD

2nd Place
The Bone Collector - Turn a bag of bones into a mystery and have teams race to be the first to find all the missing skeleton bones.
Sent in by  Samantha T. - Rye CO

3rd Place
Don't Lose Your Head - Which waiter can carry a head on a platter without losing their head? Be the first team to complete this balancing task and the job is yours.
Sent in by Kathy H. - Mount Dora, FL

Congratulations to our Winners!

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