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5 Halloween Office Activities & Games for Time Strapped Office Managers

Congratulations, your in charge of the Halloween Office Lunch, Party or Event!

Now what are you going to do? Well we've pulled together Halloween games that are not only entertaining but should take under 30 minutes to prepare.

Today we are targeting ideas for adult Halloween events, so these Halloween games aren't for when the kids visit. We will have another blog for office activities for kids next week.

The average Halloween office event runs 30 - 45 minutes and often includes a mix of snacks or lunch and general socializing which takes about 20 minutes. That means you'll have about 20 minutes to fill with Halloween games or activities, so consider selecting 2 Halloween games and activities from the list below and having a back up Halloween game just in case.

1. Candy Corn Guess
Yes this is a simple game and it will take some time counting, but it is a great little background Halloween game. In many cases several co-workers would rather head back to their work station than play Halloween games, but in this case the game is so easy all you have to do is give them an entry slip, show them the container and let them guess the number and write their name.

More this more interesting buy making the container unique and mixing in small wrapped candies, kisses and mini-bars that take up space. (But just ask for a guess on the candy corn. Announce the winner at the end of your event. Give them the jar or Starbucks gift card.

2. Halloween Charades and / or Pictionary 
Halloween Charades & Pictionary

Halloween Charades and Pictionary
For an outgoing group this is easy and fun entertainment.
Divide the Group into Teams
Give Halloween Charade / Pictionary Cards
- I prefer Pictionary at the office using a white board
Play 1 or several rounds
Adjust the game as needed for all plays or single team play
This game can take 10 - 20 minutes
We like the creative and team approach

Monster Bowling3. Monster BowlingHave long hallways and don't want to sit around the table then try Monster Bowling, which is a lot cleaner than Pumpkin Bowling. Yes, this is a kids game but it is so simple and easy to play, we thought it would be a good option. Purchase a few sets and then give them away as prizes too.

4. Printable Halloween Trivia Games - Easy to Print and Play One or More Games
Zombie Mania - Who knows the most about Zombie Movies
Which Witch is Which? Halloween Riddles
Vampire Trivia - A Halloween game your office can sink their teeth into!
View  more Halloween printable games - Trivia, Word Scrabbles and more.

5. Skeleton Pose Off
Well most of the games can be ready in 30 minutes or less, but this one will take longer. However, I think it is a very unique and a teambuilding type game that focuses on accurate communication. For some this might be just to much but with proper prep time it could be fun if your co-workers get into the Halloween spirit.

Use the link to view the Skeleton Pose Off game instructions and scroll down to variations and note the two person version where one person tells the other how to pose the skeletons. Play teams against each other and where the Person telling the player how to pose the skeletons, moves from telling how to pose them to posing them. Then play the first team to correctly do all their poses wins.

Bonus Halloween Idea
Halloween 20 Questions
This just came to me as I have been typing. Do team Halloween 20 Questions and give players cards that the other players must guess. You could use the Charades / Pictionary ideas as the items or do reasearch and come up with some specific Halloween terms - Cartoons characters like The Great Pumpkin, Movies Titles (Paranormal Activity, Friday the 13th, etc...) Authors of Spooky Books like Stephen King, this years popular Halloween costumes - Angry Birds, Captain America, Harry Potter, Monsters - Frankenstein and so on.

Quick Halloween 20 Questions Instructions
1 Team member is given a Halloween card
The guessing Team Members can then Ask 1 Question per round, which the he/she can answer Yes or No.
The guessing team Members can then make one guess per question.
Once the Halloween Item is guessed score how many turns it took to guess the Halloween item.
8 Turns = 8 points
Go back and forth between teams as you play and score each round.
Once everyone has gone - the Team with the overall lowest amount of points Wins.

If teams guess more than one answer during a turn - Add a 3 point penalty to their score.

Want more Halloween Party Games for kids, teens or adults? Check out 70 more Halloween Party Games at Party Game Ideas web site where you'll find lots of great diy game ideas.

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