Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from the Party Game Ideas Lady - A Halloween Poem

Wishing everyone a Safe & Happy Halloween!

As it turns out Mother Nature was might have been this year's biggest story as some communities in the Northeast have pushed Trick or Treating off until trees and power lines are cleared from the streets. While it is disappointing, safety is more important and it does extend the Halloween holiday for some.

My Halloween Poem
I wish you a wonderful evening of fun and of chills
A Spooky one filled with wonderful thrills

May the ghost and goblins
Remain at Bay
While your out haunting
On this spooky day

Knock on the door
You stop and stare
And wait patiently
Might there be monsters in there?

The sound of footsteps
Come from deep inside
The door cracks open
Then opens up wide

A Witch, A Zombie, a Monster
How can it be?
Oh it's a bowl
Filled with candy for me!

Oh Thank You kind person
These candies are neat
We just wanted to say
Happy Halloween & Trick or Treat!

- By Sarah, The Party Game Ideas Lady
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Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady
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