Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Party Games Mom's Like Most

I know Halloween is still a few weeks away, but Mom's everywhere are planning Halloween parties, games and activities.

So I was curious to see what Mom's like most on PartyGameIdeas.com. With more than 70 different Halloween party games which ones are being shared the most, commented on via twitter and most popular.

Mom's Favorite Halloween Party Games
1. Scary Halloween Food Passing Story - A Narrated Food Passing Story
2. Tragic Sam - Body Part Passing Story
3. Trick or Treat Game - Silly Fun for Young Kids
4. Halloween Treasure Hunt
5. Skeleton Pose Off Game - A New and Different Halloween Game

Find more Halloween Party Games for kids, teens and adults at Party Game Ideas

Basically Gross games involving food and body parts, in fact 4 of our top ten favorite games are gross out games, check out all of our gross Halloween party games.

Here are 5 other non-game Halloween pages that Mom's like too.
1. Halloween Party Theme Ideas
2. Gross Halloween Candy
3. How to Hold a Halloween Contest
4. Halloween Party Supply
5. Halloween Costume Trends 2011

I check my email and it looks like we have more Halloween Party Games to add to the site.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady
Party Game Ideas for Halloween Party Games, Costumes, Halloween Decorations and more!

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