Friday, October 21, 2011

Kid Friendly Halloween Office Games - Short, Fun and Easy

Yesterday we reviewed Halloween Office Games for Adults, today we are showcasing Halloween Office Party Games and Activities for when you have kids and families visiting on Halloween.

First, we recommend that you designate a time for family to visit on Halloween rather than have an open door policy. Why this might be inconvenient for some it allows fewer disruptions and will allow you to focus on Halloween in a fun way.

1. Halloween Costume Parade
For small to medium sized offices, instead of having kids and families wonder around the office designate and area / hallway and a time for a Halloween Costume Parade where everyone can gather to see all the cute kids and enjoy the costumes.

2. Halloween Carnival Games
If you have space, set up several easy to play games for kids a various ages. We targeted Halloween games that can be played by young kids because if they can play the game anyone can and because they often have the most fun playing these games. Here are three simple games that work for offices: Witch's Hat Ring Toss, Eyeball Bounce and Ghost Drop.

3. Easy Printable Halloween Games
Have kid's of different ages coming to your Halloween event then consider these fun printable games that allow you to target games and activities to all ages. These are really easy, just purchase, print and get ready to play. If you have 30 minutes, you have enough time to utilize these Halloween games for your office. Our favorites for Halloween office parties: Halloween Picture Bingo, Halloween Picture Puzzles, Which Witch is Witch? and here for more printable Halloween games.

FYI - If you think that the Halloween trivia or riddle games are to tough. Then we suggest you give the kids and answer sheet that has the correct and incorrect answers.

4. Pumpkin Golf or Monster Bowling
Have hallways and space then take advantage of it by creating a simple Pumpkin Golf course around the office, 3 to 5 holes would be enough and once the kids put the ball through the pumpkins mouth they get a piece of candy. Not sure about golf then how about Monster Bowling, pick up two or three sets of these not so scary monsters and let kids bowl for candy!

5. Halloween Corners
We like this one because set up takes less than 5 minutes, it's fun, all ages can play and the winner is random. You just need Halloween or Harvest images, music and you are pretty much set! Get Halloween Corners game instructions.  

These Halloween Office Games are quick set up and play type games, but we have more than 80 different Halloween games on our website and most are diy party games. So if you need more Halloween party game inspiration for your office or own Halloween party check out these games.

Want more Halloween Party Games for kids, teens or adults? Check out 70 more Halloween Party Games at Party Game Ideas web site where you'll find lots of great diy game ideas.

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