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Halloween Candy Trivia Games for Kids & Adults

Halloween is right around the corner and that means Trick or Treating and lots of Halloween Candy!

And why millions of pieces of Halloween candy goes out the door on Halloween, how well do you know your Halloween candy? Well we have list of Halloween candy and general candy games that you can play at your office Halloween lunch or at a Halloween Party!

Please note that these Halloween Candy Games come from various web sites so they are not all available in one location. We have also included links to diy Halloween Candy games that can be found on Party Game Ideas web site.

Trick-or-Treat Candy Rhyme Time
A Halloween Candy rhyming game to play with your guests for some good old - fashioned fun. Players try to answer a clue, and then match a rhyming candy to it. Always a huge hit at a kids Halloween party, and adults love it too!
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Halloween Games: Name That Candy Bar Game

Tombstone Name That Candy Bar Game
This game takes famous candy bars, mixes in Halloween riddles and dares you to figure out what tasty candy bar they are talking about. Answer these candy trivia questions within the games time limit you set or your guests will face grave consequences. Game includes 15 gravestone clues and a version where you can include the answers if you wish.

Halloween Games: Chew On This Candy Names Game For Kids

Chew On This Candy Names Game For Kids

Another Halloween Candy challenge, but this one is a little easier and made for kids
of reading age and who are aware of different candies. There's a clue for each missing word, plus dashes to show how many letters are in the word they're looking to find. Fun for classrooms as it is not Halloween specific.

Other Halloween Candy and Candy Games include:
Candy Corn Catch - DIY Halloween Game, Fun for Young Kids
Chocolate Trivia - General Chocolate Trivia Game
Halloween Candy Mash - A mangled, mushy, gooey mess but what is it? Fun for kids and adults Halloween parties

Want more Halloween Party Games for kids, teens or adults? Check out 70 more Halloween Party Games at Party Game Ideas web site where you'll find lots of great diy game ideas.

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