Sunday, October 21, 2012

Zombie Old Halloween Costumes for a New Walking Dead Look

Struggling to come up with a new Halloween costumes this year?

Well we have an idea Zombify Old Halloween Costumes! Turn that old costume into new costume by making it a zombie.

The Walking Dead is huge and let's face it according to the Walking Dead people who were once alive are now most likely dead. So you can take just about any costume you never plan to wear again and zombify it. Fireman, Witch, Officer, Prisoner, Monk, Clowns and more.

To turn an old Halloween costumes into a zombie costume you should do the following:
a. Add rips and cuts to the clothing (Zombies would  have done this to you.)
b. You'll need scratches, scars, wound marks and zombie makeup for your face
c. Dirty up the costume with blood (red dye) and fray the sleeves and pant legs.

Get more ideas by reviewing zombie costumes.

Here are a few photo examples where they added a zombie face to the costume:

Lady Gaga as a Zombie

We like Lady Gaga but are you going to wear this again? But you can take any celebrity's costume and turn it into a zombie. Any just check your closets and see you is hiding in there and then take action.

Next Zombie Captain America
Yes we all know that Captain America should be able to survive a zombie attack but it only takes one bite or scratch to become infected! And if just one Superhero got bit, then it might be over for the entire group. Now we did see some Zombie Robin and Batman costumes that were produced for Halloween and we even saw a Zombie Storm Troopers (How did zombies get to outer space?) so pretty much the sky is the limit.

We found these recycled zombie costumes at and thought that it was a good idea. We asked them if we could reuse some of the images and they said yes as long as linked back to their web page where the have a few other recycled zombie Halloween costume ideas.

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