Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quick Halloween Table Lighting Idea that is Easy and Fits any Halloween Party

You want a spooky Halloween table for your guests and to set and eerie mood, but how?

Well we came up with a quick solution to use things that most family's already have: Glasses, Candy Corn and Flameless Candles 

Put them together and you add an eerie glow to your Halloween table or add simple Halloween accents, safely to any location.

And we say SAFELY because fake spider webs, gauze and many Halloween costumes with torn fabric pose a risk of catching fire if you use real candles, so for the safety of kids, pets and all your guests flameless candles are a must for Halloween accent lightning.

This Halloween Lighting Idea is simple
1. Get glasses or glassware - You can use any glassware but we suggest you keep it simple.
2. Add candy corn as a base to add color
3.Place flameless candles level near the top
4. Fill in the space between the candle and the glass with candy corn

This is perfect for Halloween buffets at the office, the Halloween party snack table and a great way to accent Halloween decorations and displays. Here are some sample photos and video we got using this lighting.

Zombie Gnome

Play around with lighting to see what works best

A Jointed Skeleton makes for a great backdrop in low lighting

This is also a great way to stage photos that you can use on your Facebook, Pinterest and other social media pages. We did a short video on Halloween lighting, it is a little dark but you get the idea.

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