Thursday, October 25, 2012

Don't Let Hurricane Sandy Ruin Your Halloween Party, Our Party Checklist Will Keep You on Track

It never hurts to be prepared, when hosting a Halloween or any event and based on the weather forecast for the Northeast it is time to have a Halloween Party Plan Checklist in case the weather turns frightful..

With Hurricane Sandy and a strong cold front, the Halloween weather forecast looks downright scary for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and maybe even Halloween!

With that being noted, if you live in the Northeast and have outdoor Halloween events and activities planned, you need to be prepared with alternative Halloween games and party activities.

Halloween Party Bad Weather Checklist
1. If you need to move activities inside, is there room for everyone?
While not everyone can fit in 1 room, consider multiple areas and determine whether your garage or basement could work to handle overflow. Garages often provide space, but if you plan on using it, now is the time to plan a Saturday clean up.

If you still don't have enough space, then consider a location back up plan. Talk over options with friends and be ready to take action and announce changes so that everyone gets notified via text or phone call hours in advance of your event. While it is not recommended for children's parties, last minute changes tend to be ok for teenager Halloween parties.

2. Should You Change the Date of your Halloween Event?
If the weather turns really nasty where power outages are reported in your area and / or guests may be in danger due to flash floods then you need to consider cancelling or postponing moving your Halloween party. There is no reason to put guests in danger.

3. Prepare Decorations, Party Supplies & Food
Since weather can be hit or miss (ie if #HurricaneSandy heads out to the Atlantic rather than towards land) and storm paths can often change course, place and box decorations, party supplies and food so it is ready to go outside if the weather is good or inside if bad. Basically, you want everything together and organized so you can quickly set up indoors or outdoors if needed.

4. Clean!
Yep, when you thought everyone would be outside there was no concern over cleaning the house. However with a small army of zombies, witches and superheros in your house, it is time to get prepared and dust, vacuum and sweep. Also it is does rain, make sure you have one or more door mats ready to make the sure the water and mud from outside doesn't end up tracked all over your house.

5. Halloween Activities and Party Games, What Now?
If you were planning a Pumpkin Hunt, Halloween Scavenger Hunt or outdoor game, can you move it inside? And do you have the room to play it? You'll have to be creative to come up with teen Halloween games, but for younger kids you can often adapt outdoor Halloween games indoor or replace them with printable games  and simple challenges. Check out our Halloween games list by age to see what options might work. The key is not to panic but to review ideas today, so that you aren't caught off guard if bad weather hits.

Right now the forecast is for Hurricane Sandy and this cold front to cause problems from Sunday through Wednesday with wind, high surge and rain. Many people love Halloween and the parties that go with the holiday, but remember safety first. To all my friends in the Northeast stay dry, safe and warm.

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